Practice Confidentiality Statement

  1. This practice recognises the right of every patient to have information about them kept secure and private.
  2. Any information given to any member of staff will remain confidential.
  3. In exceptional circumstances, permission from the patient will be sought before any information is disclosed.
  4. The practice has a confidentiality policy which is adhered to by every member of staff. Patients have a right to the standards of confidentiality maintained by those providing their care and these standards should be made known at their first point of contact.


Every member of staff has a confidentiality clause in their contract, which they have signed. All members of staff are responsible for ensuring that confidential information is effectively protected when stored, transmitted, received or disposed of. Patients must be informed whenever information is likely to be disclosed to others involved in their care, and that apart from exceptional circumstances, where health and safety of others would otherwise be at serious risk, they have the opportunity to withhold permission.

Release of information to others

Systems are in place to ensure that requests for reports are not processed unless and until the patient’s consent has been confirmed. Patients can indicate if they wish to see the report before it is forwarded and do have the right of access to it afterwards. The security of all information is recognised, and when information is requested from patients by administrative staff the reason for the request is explained. We can only release results and other confidential information to the patient alone and not to family or relatives unless we have the patient’s explicit consent on record or in writing.

Medical information can be divulged to parents or guardians of children under 16 years, but this must not override the young person’s right to privacy. The patient’s best interests come first.

If you need to speak to someone in private then please tell the reception staff who will arrange this for you.

You do have to say what it is about, we respect your privacy and right to confidentiality.

Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement: June