Introducing Salford South East PCN

The number of people living in Salford and across the country is growing. As a result, we are living longer, and many of us are living with long-term health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. In January 2019, NHS England asked all GP practices across the UK to form a local Primary Care Network (PCN) with neighbouring surgeries.

Salford South East Primary Care Network is one of the five PCNs in Salford and includes 10 member GP practices with a population of 84,000 patients. Salford South East PCN supports and develops the work of current primary care services. For example, our GP practices have greater flexibility and control to provide more proactive, personalised and integrated health and social care at the right time and place.

Our ten-member practices include:

What are the benefits to you?

We know the challenges facing the healthcare system in the long term are significant. But, working together, we can offer increased access and specialised services for patients closer to home and without the need to go to the hospital. 

Services such as:

  • Appointments with First Contact Practitioners, Care co-ordinators Social Prescribers, Mental Health Practitioners and Pharmacists
  • Additional capacity for GP and nurse appointments with local overflow hub
  • Access to GP and nurse appointments which includes evening and weekend availability, such as cervical smear and blood tests
  • PCN GP practices working together to deliver the COVID-19 and Flu vaccine 

Get the right care at the right time, and right place

Our website and online help and support hub are full of resources to help signpost residents to local and national health and care services.  Whether an existing patient or new to the area you can use our interactive map to quickly find or register with a GP within our Salford South East PCN.

What is your biggest health challenge right now?

We’d love to know so we can use it to help shape our health and well-being focus in the years ahead. 

Join the conversation at:

You can also get involved or email your suggestions to: We look forward to hearing from you and working together for the greater good of health and care in the community.

Kind regards

Janine Crowshaw, Practice Business Manager

Lisa Parr & Nadine Sinclair, Practice Operation Managers

Hayley Savvides, Salford South East PCN Managing Director

Dr Vannamalar Selvaraasan, PCN Clinical Director and GP at Orient Road Medical Practice